‘Join an elite Alliance Strike Force, sent into the jungles of Onderon to infiltrate and take control of a secret Imperial base. Once secured, this base could signal the beginning of the end for the Empire in Japrael sector. Infiltrate. Overtake. Secure. Defend. Expand. Survive.’

Currently I am looking for 3 to 5 players – new to this game or RPGs in general preferred but not required – to play the Age of Rebellion Beginner Game on Roll20 via Google Hangouts, just for fun. Voice, via a good mic, is required – but video is optional.

Also, I am thinking about starting a STAR WARS RPG campaign [ to start around September ], so this would be a great way to learn the game and set up said campaign. If we continue playing, after this group establishes the campaign I may add more groups of players. This first group will play pregenerated characters – however – after the Beginner Game missions you can create your own if you’d like.

This game uses the system from Fantasy Flight Games – which includes Edge of the Empire [EotE] and Age of Rebellion [AoR]; with Force and Destiny [FaD{or: F&D}] coming soon. These three are separate, stand-alone and complete games – but they are fully compatible and can be used together.

I plan to run several of the adventures available for AoR; so I can get the hang of GM-ing and playing again – but after we do these missions we can open things up a bit more and go more sandbox style, with less linear missions.

I will also be willing to run the Beginner Game for others, as a ‘one-shot’, if there is a desire – whether you want to play in the campaign or not, it does a good job of introducing newbies to the system and to the role playing hobby – or just to satisfy your curiosity about those funny dice this game uses [I was skeptical, but they’re great – I promise!].

Currently I only have the Age of Rebellion Beginner Game, Core Book and the Game Master Kit. I will, however, eventually allow anything from EotE too [but I don’t own the EotE books]. FaD is tricky as it isn’t out yet, I have no idea what will be in it – and a full Jedi may not fit into our campaign – at least not yet. We’ll see what its all about when it is released and can decide then what to do. I definitely want to do some Jedi stories at some point!

I have some resources you can check out, such as character folios, handouts and game aides – here: my google drive.

This campaign has a beginner angle, as I haven’t played much in the last decade and this system is new to me and I haven’t GM’ed in two decades. Also, roll20 will be a learning experience for me, having only played a hand full of times – but I think it will go smoothly. I am techno-challenged so I plan to use the basic features only for now – nothing fancy or complicated.

I want to get back into this for fun first. The first rule of any game is: Have FUN!!! I’m chronically ill and unemployable, so I’ll be setting up donation options for those who are willing/capable. Tips – which are soooo much appreciated – go almost exclusively to medical expenses. Anyone who needs proof of such expenses need only request it and such will be provided. You’ll never have to pay anything to play other than getting the products you need/want from Fantasy Flight Games. I will never bring up this topic, or ask you for anything – so don’t worry!

I’d like to, at some point, record our sessions and post them to youtube, and someday be able to live-cast as well. As stated before, I am techno-challenged so this may take some time for me to figure out [if I even can!]. So keep that in mind, but I won’t require a webcam – so don’t worry.

:Important Points:

  • No experience with role play games necessary [1st timers welcome, wanted and encouraged to join!!!{this includes old schoolers looking to get back into gaming}]
  • You don’t need any special or deep knowledge of the Star Wars galaxy/universe/lore/books/games etc. – if you’ve seen the movies, that’s good enough. I enjoy the current saga, all 6 films – and most of my knowledge is rooted there. My knowledge of the Star Wars mythos outside the film saga is not that grand, as it once was, but wookiepedia is here to help us. That site is your friend.
  • FFG’s Star Wars RPG system is fairly simple and is narrative driven, using custom Star Wars Roleplaying Dice [available as a physical set, a purchased app and also freely in Google Hangouts via a couple of apps]. Check out: AoR Beginner Game and AoR Core .
  • We’ll use Google Hangouts because of the free apps which allows us to use the Star Wars Roleplaying Dice. Roll20 has a similar feature but you must be a subscriber to have access to it. So we will use Hangouts for voice and video, and basic Roll20 to run the maps, tokens, handouts etc. If at some point everyone wants to use physical dice [I’ll have to trust you!] we can drop Hangouts and use just Roll20, or even add Skype for voice.
  • You don’t need to purchase anything immediately. I’m not sure how far these pregens can be played, but I can run probably 5 or so sessions with the Beginner Game alone – but I am not sure. After that you’ll probably need a Core Book.
  • I am still learning this system and am basically a new GM [last experience as GM was late 90s running WEG STAR WARS D6!] – so expect some road bumps, hitches and such as I learn the game, Roll20 and just wrap my head around it all. It’s been a long, long while.
  • We’ll play 4 hour sessions once a week, ideally. I suffer extreme exhaustion, so I may need to cut sessions to 3 hours – just a heads up. I hope, but can’t promise, that at some point I’ll be able to run longer sessions.
  • I can run games in 3 time slots [CDT{UTC-5}]: 1500 to 1900 hours, 1600 to 2000 hours, or 1700-2000 hours. Sadly, I cannot alter these times right now. I am, however, able to play at those times any day of the week, Monday through Sunday.
  • As a Game Master, I prefer games to be a good mix of all the Pillars of Play: Combat / Exploration / Social. I also like to see a good mix of the following play styles: Acting / Describing / Narrating.

:My Table Guidelines:

  • Have FUNalways
  • Follow Wheaton’s Law: ’Don’t be a dick’ – always
  • Creativity, Story and Fun trump rules – always
  • Cheating inflicts dishonor upon you & a balanced penalization; or dismissal – always
  • Out-of-character racism; sexism; homophobia; political vitriol or any other type of hateful, harmful, nonsensical bigotry is frowned upon and grounds for dismissal from the game – always
  • The GM has ‘final say’ on any conflict; misunderstanding; disagreement etc. – always
  • Have FUNalways


The below is not a job application or something so official – so you can skip parts, add your own thoughts you want to share etc. I will use the information you provide to better tailor the game for the players – that’s you! Simply send your pre-application to me via private message here on Obsidian Portal, or however you prefer. Thanks!

1. Have you read, and do you understand, the :My Table Guidelines: section?

2. Do you agree with, or at least capable of respecting, the :My Table Guidelines: section?

3. Please indicate your general tabletop roleplaying experience:

  • never played before
  • played once or twice
  • used to play regularly
  • have played on and off for several years
  • currently play regularly

4. How much experience do you have playing tabletop role play games online?

  • None
  • Some
  • Lots

5. Have you ever used Roll20 before?

6. How much experience do you have with FFG’s STAR WARS RPG games?

  • None
  • Some
  • Lots

7. Please select the most accurate descriptor of your STAR WARS relationship, or simply use your own words to convey such:

  • I am a new fan.
  • I am a casual fan.
  • I am a serious fan.
  • I am a fanatic.

8. Please rate the following groups from 1-3. 1 being the grouping you like best. You may decide each grouping is equal, in which case simply rate them all 1. If you feel two are equal/tied, simply rate them thusly: you may have two number ones or two number twos. Alternatively – simply tell me, using your own words, what things you know or think you [and your character] would like to do in the game.

  • Battling / Combating / Fighting / Killing / Warfare
  • Exploring / Roving / Discovering / Adventuring / Learning
  • Negotiating / Talking / Discussing / Socializing / Come-to-Terms with

9. Please rate the following types of conflict from 1-3. 1 being the conflict you find most interesting. You may decide each conflict type is equal, in which case simply rate them all 1. If you feel two are equal/tied, simply rate them thusly: you may have two number ones or two number twos. Alternatively – simply tell me, using your own words, what types of conflict you know or think you [and your character] would find interesting to experience in game.

  • Open warfare (war of attrition) – conflict with clear sides opposing each other openly. Massive forces on all sides attacking on land, in air, at sea and space. Grand strategy at play.
  • Guerrilla warfare – conflict with clear sides opposing each other openly, or unclear opposition. Unconventional warfare and tactics used. Hit-and-run tactics and surprise attacks used frequently.
  • Special operations – conflict with clear sides opposing each other openly, or unclear opposition. Sabotage, espionage and subterfuge are key elements. Undercover missions involving spying, hostage rescue and/or assassination often undertaken.

10. How important is space combat to you?

  • Not at all important
  • Somewhat important
  • Very important

11. How often do you want to play?

  • once
  • weekly
  • fortnightly
  • monthly
  • have no idea yet

12. What days of the week and times of the day are you usually available to play?

13. If you plan to play the Beginner Game, which character do you want to play? (click the Characters link in the left menu to browse or see folios at my google drive)

14. Is there a specific character type, species and/or career, you’d like to play?

That’s pretty much the gist of it I think! Feel free to contact me regarding the game! May the Force be with you…


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